About Us

Welcome. We’re the Huntzinger’s – a fourth generation family farm operating on the desert sands of the Royal Slope near Royal City, Washington.

We have built strong and proud reputation for agriculture production of premium Alfalfa and Timothy hay for export. Irrigated ground also allows the production of dry beans, corn, wheat, and mint. Our operation is a family business and most days are spent with kids in tow in raking hay in a dusty field or checking mama cows for new baby calves. We believe strongly in the future of agriculture and hope to leave a legacy for our future generation that not only respect the land and all the hard work and passion that it ignites, but can teach others about what it means to grow food and feed the world. Now, a little more background on our history.


Irvin Huntzinger and his wife, June, were married in Yakima in 1939, it was there they began a sugar beet farm and dairy. In 1948 Irvin, his brother, Don, and father, Frank, bought a ranch on the Columbia River near Vantage. This is where June and Irvin raised their two children. Irvin dug new wells and developed more land, raised cattle, and on several hundred acres put in alfalfa. They lived there for 17 years. After Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams were built they decided to sell the ranch and then bought a farm on the Royal Slope.

The Columbia River looking to the south, the homestead of James and his family before their move to the slope.

James, Irvin’s oldest son, continued in the farming tradition primarily raising hay and continuing the cattle operations until 2006 when his son, the third born of four children, Alan, took over. You can still occasionally find James, Jim, checking cattle or in a tractor baling hay but in his spare time he enjoys traveling with his wife, Karen, or running around the farm with his grand kids.

Jim and Karen Huntzinger in 2021 at the current ranch on the Royal Slope.

Alan expanded the farm when he began working there full time in 2006. He’s diversified in crop selection, purchased additional acres, and increased the cattle herd size. Future areas of interest are development of a feedlot, expansion of custom trucking, and growth in land.

Alan Huntzinger sorting a group of Black Angus in the winter of 2021.

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